Welcome to the new Akropolys and MorinsOnline mail server.  Our old server hosting provider decided to stop hosting VPS servers, so we had to quickly move (and what better time than the long Thanksgiving weekend).  The new server is hosted by letbox.com, also a very reasonable price.  They are a newer hosting provider, but they seem to be on their game.

What's here:

These options are also in the menu at the top of the page:

  • Webmail - This is our standard RoundCube installation, all your mail folders and configuration were imported from the old server.  This includes the Spam Queue things and such.
  • Administration - This is a a user-level administration tool that can be used to change your password, edit your spam settings, set up forwarding, manage your mailboxes, and even read your mail (though it's not nearly as nice as the webmail link above).

As always, any problems you may have are quite possibly the result of the quick move, so please feel free to let me know.


2015-02-08: Blacklisted addresses really no longer delivered to SPAM mailbox.

So the new mail server system was even more aggressive that I'd realized about detecting spam early and shunting it into the "spam" mailbox.  It did it on a per-domain basis before it even got to processing people's per-user rules.  So I've modified the per-domain rules to do blacklist processing before spam processing, and that seems to be working.  Finding a per-domain ruleset has made me wonder if I should move the whitelist processing to that file as well, and I think I will do that.  It makes more sense than having to replicate the rules for each user as I've done for now.  But more on this later...

2015-02-06: Blacklisted addresses no longer delivered to SPAM mailbox.

Mail marked as spam was being delivered into the "spam" mailbox even if the recipient was on your blacklist.  Changed the processing of mail so that the blacklist was checked before the spam score was checked.